04 July 2008

Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay. Jesse Helms Finally Goes Away

One of the most hateful politicians of the 20th century is dead. Helms was one of the most hateful members of Congress ever. Even after his adopted Party, the Republicans had embraced equal rights for people of color, Helms held fast to his racist beliefs, voting against nearly every civil rights bill and even the national holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr.
During his tight re-election race with Harvey Gantt, the Black Mayor of Charlotte NC, Helms ran one of the most racist ads ever in a Senatorial race.

When I was involved with ACT UP, one of my favorite "Zaps" was when TAG (Treatment Activist Guerillas) put a giant condom over Jesse Helms house in Suburban DC. Check it out.

Bye Jesse! We won't miss you!

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