01 August 2008

Why I am Supporting Richard Koweek for Hudson City Judge

Dear Neighbors,

During the past few months, I have gotten to know Richard Koweek pretty well and I now believe that he has both the wisdom and temperament to be a great City Judge for the City of Hudson.

His campaign committee, on which I feel honored to sit, is a diverse and well-respected group of Hudsonians of many different backgrounds. People of many ethnicities have stepped up to work for him. Life-long residents next to former New Yorkers. In spite of some of the toughest divisions that we have faced in the past, even the divisions based on race, class and sexual orientation seem to not matter. Instead people of many stripes have all come together behind him because they know that he is a fair and honorable man who will make a great City Judge.

Some people are not very aware of the importance of the City Judge position. The City Judge's term is six years, Three times as long as all of our other elected officials in Hudson. The duty of City Judge is to literally decides peoples fate. Rehabilitation vs. punishment, jail vs. freedom, productive life vs. wasted life. Matters that demand a thoughtful and reasoned person on the bench.

I'd like to urge you to get to know him better. There is a reason that such a diverse group of people from every ward in the city are supporting Richard Koweek. He is clearly the best candidate for this very important job.

Check out Richard Koweek's website:http://koweekforcityjudge.blogspot.com/
and there is always up to date info on:http://hudsoncitydemocrats.org


Victor Mendolia

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