08 September 2008

Tuesday is Primary Day in Hudson

This Tuesday is Primary Day!
There is an important race on the ballot.
Hudson City Judge.

There is only one candidate that has been endorsed by
Hudson City Democratic Committee
Mayor - Richard Scalera
City Treasurer - Eileen Halloran
Supervisor - Ed Cross
Supervisor - William Hughes
Alderman - Robert Donahue Sr
Alderman - Wanda Hughes-Pertilla
Alderman - Abdus Miah
Alderman - Elvie Tillman
Mayors Aide - Carmine Pierro
Hudson City Democrats Chair - Victor Mendolia
Former Hudson City Democrats Chair - Phil Abitable
Former Supervisor - Pat Maloy
Former Commissioner of DPW - Michael O'Hara
Former Main Street Manager - Hilary Hillman
and many more.
That candidate is Richard Koweek

A group of your neighbors have gotten together to explain why we are supporting Richard Koweek. You can see our results here.
Also check out the following websites for all you need to know about Richard Koweek and the election.

This is a tremendously important election. Make your choice wisely.

Richard Koweek
Hudson City Judge

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