21 November 2008

The Worst President Ever Gets a Small Bit of Just Rewards

As the Inauguration of Barack Obama approaches, George W. Bush prepares to leave office as the Worst President EVER. His place in history starts looking even clearer when his contemporaries on the world stage won't even look him in the eye, let alone shake his hand.


  1. Agreed. President George Walker Bush SUCKS!!! I suppose that may not say much about the status of the United States in general, having allowed his presence to infest 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for eight years! It is amazing that our nation can tolerate such drastic changes, from Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama. Something of a true roller coaster ride!

  2. the guy is a total puppet and has done nothing for the average joe ...instead he looked after his elitist "puppet masters". what a curse over the USA for the last 8 years - they should impeach the bastard!