19 February 2009

Campaign 2001 Memorabilia

I was digging around in some old picture folders and came across my campaign flyer from 2001 when I challenged Christine Quinn (the current Speaker of the NYC Council).

At the time she was trying to overturn term limits, was complicit in the harrassment faced by bars, nightclubs and adult establishments and she had an enemies list. Eight years later, not much has changed.

The primary took place on an infamous day. 9/11/2001.

I had to drop out of the race before the election because I had a gran mal seizure completely out of the blue. I spent months having every test and scan to find out what was up. In the end it was determined that was supremely exhausted and my body just shut down.

Even though the voters in New York City have held three referenda on term limits and have rejected extending them twice, Speaker Quinn will most likely be reelected to another term, against the will of the people.

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