25 April 2012

My Time as Eric Galloway's Tenant - Part 6

The Wrap Up

I had previously spoken about my past experiences with Mr. Galloway to friends and at least one time in public at a Hudson Common Council meeting. That time was during the failed proposal to build permanent supportive housing at 5th Street and Warren St, the heart of Hudson's revitalizing business district. But I did not go in depth into my experiences.

There were a number of things that inspired me to want to tell the complete story of my time as Eric Galloway's tenant. But the most important one was a post I read on Carole Osterink's Gossips of Rivertown blog. That post, "Conceived in Iniquity and Born in Sin" discusses the origins of Galloway's The Lantern Group and the lawsuit by the religious non-profit whose HIV/AIDS residence that they assert was absconded by Mr. Galloway.

That case was not resolved in court, but since the Appellate Court found that the case could go forward, one can only speculate that Galloway settled the case out of court. Osterink called for Galloway or Galvan Initiative Foundation Executive Director Tom Swope to offer an explanation. To date they have not.

To be fair, Mr. Galloway's partner in the Galvan Initiatives Foundation and life partner Henry Van Ameringen has done many good things. He is a major philanthropist with a particular interest in mental health issues, gay rights and HIV/AIDS. He should be credited for the good works that he has done. It is hoped that the Galvan Initiatives Foundation (which has still not received 501(c)3 status from the IRS) will follow in the steps of Mr. Van Ameringen.
But that remains to be seen.

From an article announcing the formation of the Galvan Initiatives Foundation in the Register-Star on New Year's Eve 2011.
Galloway and van Ameringen founded the organization in 2011, according to a press release from Swope, to preserve “the unique heritage of the city of Hudson, NY, by acquiring, interpreting, conserving and maintaining buildings of architectural, historical and social significance.”

There are two parts to this: The architectural preservation and conservation initiatives “will strengthen the social fabric of the city of Hudson by promoting the provision of affordable housing, social services, cultural activities and economic opportunities for residents of Hudson.”

And secondly, a grant-making program “will provide financial support to charitable organizations operating in the vicinity of Hudson.”

With Galloway, The Lantern Group and Galvan owning 2% of the properties in Hudson there could be great promise or great risk. If Galloway is serious about improving the City of Hudson, he should first work toward creating good will. I would start by renovating and re-renting the large apartment houses he holds.

These vacant buildings are eyesores and they have contributed greatly to the large decrease in population that Hudson experienced in the last census. Of the nearly 1000 people that were lost in the 2010 census, probably half could be traced to Galloway's vacant buildings.

Getting these buildings (which are the worst buildings on their blocks) back on line, would go a long way to improving Mr. Galloway's standing in Hudson. I'd do that first, before I make grand proposals which would require a 30 year partnership with the government and the people of the City of Hudson.

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  1. This is an opportunity for Hudson to learn.

    These kind of mistakes don't need to be repeated.

    Take advantage of this moment and help GalVan be a positive for this our town.

    GalVan is totally capable but won't do it without strong guidance from the Mayor and the Common Council.

  2. Thank you Victor,
    You have been brave and generous in sharing this story with the public.It needs a broader forum.
    As horrific as this is,it is more than a cautionary tale.It is a warning,take heed,we are very much on the brink of becoming a tenant of this landlord,for 30 yrs our Police and our Court.Also our Library.I believe that a city must own its own civic Buildings of such importance.I will not let my taxes make me a tenant of Galloway's.I admire that you have told this objectively as possible
    You still remain fair and a gentleman to show respect to Van Ameringen causes. It appears he has no bearing on what Galloway is doing and not doing,in Hudson. Yeah let him start housing folks in the houses he owns,by the book.He's rich
    he does not need any breaks.
    I want him the fuck out of this town.
    But thats just me sayin that
    He is a Grifter of the worst order.
    He is an insidious version of Holcium
    I do not think City Hall has
    any idea who they are dealing with
    I would put a moratorium on Galloway until he completes all the buildings he owns and has rented them out.After one year,we will let those tenants vote if Galloway should be the City of Hudson's landlord for 30 years
    Thanks again, Victor