23 April 2012

My Time as Eric Galloway's Tenant - Part 3

Where the F@%$ is my stuff?

When I got back to the city on Sunday I noticed a light on in my unit that I knew I had not left on. When I got up to the unit, the locks had been changed, but the door to the vacant unit next door was open. I went in and discovered that they had broken through the wall between the vacant unit and my unit. All of my belongings were gone.

Wall broken through to illegally gain access to my unit.

I then went up to the new unit. All I could do was open the door. The unit was filled with garbage bags. All of my belongings had been thrown into trash bags, all in no particular order, shoeswith books with CDs with food.

All of my possessions were moved to my new leased unit without my knowledge or permission.

Needless to say, I was furious! I called the emergency contact number for the building and a very young associate came to the building. I asked what the F@%$ they were thinking and said that they had no right to do what they had done. He replied that they did have a right to do it. When I again explained that they did not have legal possession of the unit and that they had no right to enter it, he again said , "yes, we had a right". He said that they would put me up in the "gay guest house" on 22nd Street for the night and would see what they could do on Monday. He also said that "I should be happy, since they moved me for free"!

I told him that rather than take him up on his "generous offer", that I was going to the police precinct to report the break-in. To which he said that I could either do it their way, or my way.

I had had enough. I chose my way.

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  1. This is very scary stuff - how much of Hudson does Galloway own these days? A square mile? And still purchasing and responding to RFP's?